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Programme Development of the European Centre for Cross-Sector Partnership – IMPACT

Project description

Cross-sector partnership is a concept that has become essential in defining socio-economic development, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility, stressing the need for involvement of the private sector and civil society in social development and social cohesion issues. Despite many improvements in the recent years, cross-sector partnership approach to development in Croatia still remains very limited, mainly due to the lack of communication and understanding between the actors in different sectors and limited skills and mechanisms to facilitate this interaction and cooperation among the three sectors.

This is why the European Centre for Cross-sector Partnership – IMPACT – has been opened by the Foundation in Zadar, with a purpose of providing civil, public and private sector actors with a blend of professional development and training opportunities offered throughout the year and promoting the exchange of know-how and best practices in the field of cross-sector partnerships.

The purpose of the project is to further develop the programme of the IMPACT Centre, strengthen its organizational capacities and introduce the programme agenda to potential partners, target groups and the wider public.


Specific objectives of the project all lead to the creation of positive socio-economic effects and improvement of the capabilities of local authorities, civil society actors and business leaders to engage in meaningful partnerships for development:

  • offering a range of training and professional development activities for representatives of civil society, public and business sectors, thus creating an enabling environment for the development of cross-sector partnerships.
  • enhancing the ability of CSOs to co-operate with local governments, businesses, and the media, in order to address community needs, as well as fostering the openness of public and private sector organizations toward partnerships with CSOs, thus helping strengthen local democratic structures and focus local resources.
  • facilitating cross-border exchange of expertise and regional cooperation among civil society organizations, local, regional and central authorities and businesses from South East Europe.
  • providing expertise in EU-related topics - project management, EU funds and assistance programmes (cross-border co-operation), EU policies, etc.

Corporate thematic area

Democratic governance 

Project contact information
Vitalie Vremis (Assistant Resident Representative) (

Status of the project
Currently in implementation


Period of the project
April 2011- December 2013

National Foundation for Civil Society Development; UNDP

Budget (2012)
100,000 USD

Major sources of funding
National Foundation for Civil Society Development; Zadar County

Project documents
IMPACT project document

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